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Bay View Projetos a London based real estate company, who invite you to discover a valuable insight into the rise of property prices in London and understand how we first anticipated this and why now, we take the next steps forward, by implementing successful business models to an International thriving Property Investment market ensuring success for our investors

In 2017 Brazil has already taken the first steps to overcoming political challenges and to what many economists are saying will be a sustained growth period. Enjoying a steady growth and a huge demand for properties for the middle class, we are strategically placed in Salvador City Brazil and London England.

Salvador city with 3 million people and 170,000 residential students, this beautiful fast moving city is now demonstrating bulletproof opportunities.

With a full team of architects, engineers, construction teams and strategic sales channels already in place, Bay View Projetos is ready for the next phase of this cyclic upturn.

The joint international Real Estate Investment experience of Directors Richard Bowles and Michael Pears allows us to demonstrate and share unique and exciting Property development opportunities to its clients and investors.

The time is right now for us to be entering the Brazilian market"

James Erlacher (Jumeirah Group - Dubai)

Brazil is a very dynamic market and we haven't paid enough attention to it in the past  

Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic)

Brazil is in a class by itself

Roger Noriega (Fox News)

The right time to invest in Brazil property

Sam Zell (Billionaire)