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The Directors



Managing Director - Bay View Projetos Ltd.

Former, Queens Guardsman, Richard excels in international real estate investments,  his invaluable life experience in the  Military enables him to extract the best from any team of fellow directors and employees, whilst ensuring benefits can be maintained and sustained by the local communities, and exceeding expectations for clients and investors.

Richard has enjoyed the last 25 years in residential property development for branded international property companies, whilst personally achieving 1000s of  real estate  transactions worldwide and most certainly has the vision for property investments, which can capitalise the maximum results and with the huge demand for local housing, believes that the time is right and has given the instruction to start the development of the wonderful Bay View Parque project in Bahia, Brazil.



Financial Director - Bay View Projetos Ltd.

Edward, co-founder of  Bay View Projetos Ltd. has spearheaded compliance legislation and finance for major real estate brands in Europe and the US for the  past 28 years, with projects realising billions of dollars, by focusing on feasibility and deliverance of property development projects.

Edward states that with their current project ‘Bay View Parque’ in Bahia,  that we are far better placed than any other developer with regards to offering quality residences on the Island of Itaparica.

Eddie has always been seen  as a financial expert, he knows how to maximise profits on capital invested.



Project Director - Bay View Projetos Ltd.

After almost thirty years of commercial real estate marketing, sales and property development experience worldwide, Michael re-located to Brazil  with his family in 2003, having carefully identified the massive property market potential on the geographically important island of Itaparica, lying just 7 miles offshore from the City of Salvador, where the new government blueprints and government backed projects are demanding quality housing for the huge population growth expected in the next 5 years.

Michael as Project director for Bay View Projetos has been drawing on his relationships with the local authorities and ministers which is key into overseeing  the “Bay View Parque” and “Bay View Beach Club” projects from pre conceptual planning to the key of the door.