Planned and Confirmed Projects

Estaleiro de Paraguaçu

The six lane Road Bridge Project connecting Salvador City with Itaparica Island and the projected new highway passing through the Island onwards to South Bahia will provide a fast connection with the immense Estaleiro Enseada do Paraguaçu, located some 55km south of Ilha de Itaparica and which is currently in construction (see photo header). An Estaleiro is a huge dock area where large ships and oil rigs will be constructed and repaired.

A new 500m bridge will then span the Rio Baetant and connect with the existing Estaleiro São Roque do Paraguaçu. This area is creating massive new employment; workers together with their families will mean an influx of more than 10,000 inhabitants.


Porto Sul Ilheús

The town of Ilheús is located in South Bahia, which until 2009 was 469km driving distance from Salvador. This distance has been reduced to 233km via Ilha de Itaparica (Ferry Boat) and by means of a new stretch of road linking Camamu with Ilheús. The Road Bridge linking Salvador with the Island will vastly reduce travel time even more. A good, fast connection with Porto-Sul just 15km north of Ilheús is of great importance. The Project has recently gained the required Licence from the Environmental Authorities.

This Project comprises:

An International Airport with a runway length of 2,300 metres capable of handling Transatlantic Flights.

A Freight Train Terminal for the new 1,400km railway in construction serving the Iron-Ore mines in West Bahia.

A Pier with Offshore Commercial Port for loading Iron-Ore for exportation

A Public Commercial Port and Public Marina

A large Industrial Estate

A Gas-Pipeline Terminal