Brazil with the seventh largest economy in the world is a Country which takes your Breath away and puts all your emotions to the test. The combination of outstanding natural tropical beauty, safe political climate, dazzling beaches, exotic food and colourful culture makes it a perfect destination for vacation, permanent living or investment. Brazil has a population of around 200 million it is the fifth biggest country in the world and sports a coastline of 7,491 kilometres (approximately the same distance as from London to Havana Cuba).


Bahia is located midway between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. The State is around the size of France with a spectacular coastline of 1,103 kilometres and boasts a year round sub-tropical climate. The strong African influence in culture, cuisine and music makes Bahia truly special and it is closer to Europe than many folk think. Magnificent varied scenery, lush tropical jungle and endless palm-fringed beaches abound. The lifestyle in Bahia is envied by people worldwide.



Salvador, the third largest City in Brazil is the Historic Capital and has a population in excess of three million in the City Center and an estimated eleven million including the Urban Sprawl of the suburbs and coastline to the north. Salvador is a real Pot Pourri a major Cosmopolitan City with excellent beaches and infrastructure where modern American Style Shopping Malls brush shoulders with high rise luxury apartment towers, colorful Colonial architecture, shanty Towns and street sellers. Hustle and Bustle combined with areas steeped in history makes this vibrant City so attractive and desirable.


Located in Baia de Todos os Santos (All Saints Bay) Ilha de Itaparica (Itaparica Island) is the largest of 56 sub-tropical islands and is approximately 36km x 12km in size. This Island lies just 13 kilometres offshore from Salvador, currently has a population of around 55,000 and is predominantly native kind warm and friendly. A Club-Med resort has been established for more than 20 years on the Island and is the most successful in Latin America. Vast areas of lush Jungle, endless palm-fringed white sand beaches protected by an offshore reef with a backdrop of Salvador City Manhattan Style skyline together with an excellent infrastructure make this sub-tropical Island somewhat unique.



Salinas da Margarida is a medium sized coastal Town with a population of around 16,000 inhabitants; this figure rises significantly with the influx of visitors during the Summer season between November and April plus at long National Holiday weekends. With its calm coastal waters within All Saints’ Bay and close

proximity to Itaparica Island and Salvador City by sea, Salinas is a favourite nautical centre for yachtsmen and motor cruiser owners alike.

Location Description


The site for the Bay View Parque Project is 20,000m2 of prime Urban Development land located on a hillside just 1.5km from Mar Grande.

Mar Grande is the centre of commerce on the Island, where the Banks, Lawyers, Town Hall and Hospital are situated along with an array of other Businesses, Shops and Restaurants which cater for Visitors and Island Inhabitants alike.

This colourful Town is the nearest point on the Island to Salvador City which is just 13km distant and where the wooden Passenger Launches ply to and fro across the bay every half hour.

The Bay View Parque site has spectacular panoramic views of Salvador (see photo header), All Saints Bay, Beaches, Neighbouring Islands, Surrounding Lush Tropical Jungle, and the Mangrove Coast.

Itaparica in the old Indigenous Indian Tupi language means Wall of Stone and refers to the offshore reef that protects the coastal areas and provides safe bathing in tranquil warm waters bordered by spectacular, endless Palm Fringed beaches.

This is truly a Sub-Tropical Paradise Island hitherto only discovered by the privileged few.

The East Coast has extensive beaches and numerous Private Gated Residential Communities (Condominiums); The most successful ‘Club-Med’ Resort in Latin America is also situated there. The West Coast is a complete contrast with dense jungle, fishing villages and mangroves the diversity is overwhelming; the wealthy mix with the natives in perfect harmony.

The Island provides a quite unique healthy and relaxing lifestyle not easy to find elsewhere.

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