Reasons to Invest


Brazil with the seventh largest economy in the world is a Country which takes your Breath away and puts all your emotions to the test. The combination of outstanding natural tropical beauty, safe political climate, dazzling beaches, exotic food and colourful culture makes it a perfect destination for vacation, permanent living or investment. Brazil has a population of around 200 million; it is the fifth biggest country in the world and sports a coastline of 7,491 kilometres (approximately the same distance as from London to Havana Cuba).


Brazil is the B in the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, formed by the respected Economist Jim O Neill of Goldman Sachs. These are considered as being the world’s top Emerging Markets and firm favourites for secure investments. As Host to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games Brazil’s popularity and economy has received a further boost.


Middle Class Growth

From the hustle and bustle of São Paulo where a vista of modern glass and steel skyscrapers seems endless, to Brazil’s vast farmlands, Brazilian optimism is on the rise and so is its growing consumer class.

As the developed world struggles, Brazil grows faster on the strength of its export economy and also its rising domestic demand. Brazil’s Middle Class continues to expand and spend.

Housing Deficit

The shortage of housing in Brazil is around eight million dwellings. Approximately 90% of this deficit is middle class families receiving up to three minimum salaries.

There is a Government backed scheme called Minha Casa Minha Vida (My House My Life) providing properties for the less fortunate.

The private property development sector in Brazil is particularly buoyant and now is the ideal time to capitalise to the maximum on property investment.


Salvador, Brazil’s third largest City with more than three million inhabitants, has emerged as a viable business center and is considered as the Economic Hub of North East Brazil. In recent years the City has experienced a surge in real estate speculation in the financial district bringing dramatic changes to the City’s skyline. This once deserted region has become impressively dynamic attracting many National and International developers. This is a Vertical/High Rise City with the majority of Inhabitants living in Tower Blocks; there are very few Houses in the City especially for the growing Middle Class.

The Coastal area to the North of Salvador is fast becoming saturated with Hotels, Resorts and Housing Estates.  The natural area for future expansion of the City is Ilha de Itaparica and areas to the south such as Salinas da Margarida, the approved new road bridge will make access to the Island and South Bahia even easier.