Initial Plans for Approval

When the conceptual project is defined, it is passed to the Architects and the Project Director of Bay View Projetos Ltda. work closely liaising between them and the Client. The Architects interpret the concept and submit a full set of official plans for the project which are then submitted to the Municipal Authority for approval and issuing of a Building Licence. This process will inevitably take around three months’ minimum period. Initial plans will typically include: Location of the site within the Municipality, Location of the construction(s) within that site, Floor plan of the overall construction(s), Floor plans depicting the room layout of the property(ies), Front elevation(s) of the property(ies), Side elevation of the property(ies), At least two ‘cuts’ of the side elevation of the property(ies)

Finite Working & Complimentary Plans

Once the initial plans are approved and the ‘Alvará’ (Building Licence) is issued the process moves back to the Architects to prepare the following: Detailed plans for the execution of the construction, Foundation plans based on the topographic survey plan, sound probe and geology report, Plans for the installation of the water supply system, Plans for the sewage and wastewater system, Plans for the electrical installation system, Plans for the installation of Wi-Fi, telephone, intercom security phone, satellite T.V. & fire protection, Plans for swimming pool(s), Plans for terrace area(s), Overall site plans for internal road access and infrastructure

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    They trust us every single day

    James Hotwell

    It was completely reassuring to have such a Professional company assisting us with the purchase of our Hotel. We had previously worked in Thailand with BVP and now in 2018 in Brazil.

    CWE Malaysia
    Johan Visser

    Understanding the potential in Brazil we bought 3 plots of development land and although we have already resold one, we will enjoy the capitalisation that the bridge brings.

    Translated from Dutch
    William Sheeran

    We invested twice and the service has been exceptional, we was helped every step by BVP a special thanks to Edson and Michael.

    Newcastle upon Tyne UK
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