Boundaries & Security

Boundaries & Security

In most Sales/Purchase contracts for any development land in Brazil there is a clause relating to the fact that from the date of signing the contract, the purchaser must suitably enclose the land with a fence or wall and maintain security. Under Brazilian law, the owner of any Real Estate is totally responsible for total the security; if the property is not fenced and with a security guard present, any invasion by a third party will result in extreme difficulty expelling the invader. In Brazil, the person resident at the property actually has more rights than a distant owner. Enclosing land can be either affected by simple barbed wire and wooden pole fencing or a boundary wall which may be constructed in a huge variety of designs ranging from simple pre-fabricated slot it slabs to ornate luxury. During the conceptual design stage of any Project great attention should be placed on this particular subject, a boundary wall is the first impression that any potential purchaser receives of any new development, the boundary should be totally functional but not ‘foreboding’ also attention must be given to the aesthetic aspect from both outside and inside and closed Residential Housing estate. In addition, if the development is beachfront of enjoys particularly beautiful views, maybe an open aspect for the boundary should be considered to maintain the enjoyment of that view. We at Bay View Projetos Ltd. are accustomed to sitting with our clients and a designer in order to identify exactly the style of boundary required. With regard to actual Physical Security, we are able to offer the services of a simple caretaker to 24 hours uniformed Security Guards.

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    Understanding the potential in Brazil we bought 3 plots of development land and although we have already resold one, we will enjoy the capitalisation that the bridge brings.

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    We invested twice and the service has been exceptional, we was helped every step by BVP a special thanks to Edson and Michael.

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