The City of Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is a modern cosmopolitan city sitting on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Founded in 1549, Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and has strong African ties. Salvador city is on a peninsula on the northeast coast of Brazil which shields the large All Saints Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. With an international airport and daily flights from Europe, this is a very popular city to visit. The city is the third largest in Brazil. Salvador, Brazil has a tropical climate including rainforests and lush vegetation. The old city has a one hundred metre high cliff which runs along part of the city, this essentially divides the city into an upper and lower city accessed by steep roads or the famous Elevator Lacerda built in 1869 and still functions perfectly today. The lower city has many old historic buildings that the government has placed under its care to start a new regeneration programme. The upper part of the old city is named Pelourinho, this wonderful area has many historical sites, rich colonial architecture, interesting museums, a range of restaurants, inexpensive bars, and artisanal shops, all with a fun feel about it. Here you will hear and see the street artists performing music and dance, with groups of young men demonstrating the art of capoeira, albeit the focal point for tourists, Pelourinho is certainly well worth the visit along the winding cobblestone streets.

Salvador city also holds the world’s biggest street carnival in February of each year, with millions of domestic and foreign visitors, hotel accommodation is at a premium. Many of the residents in Salvador rent their houses or apartments out at a high cost and travel the short distance to Itaparica Island for a few weeks of tranquillity to escape the crowds in Salvador. Traveling north of the city there are kilometres of gorgeous beaches, this is where many of the international branded hotels are now situated, with excellent road infrastructure this is just 100km from Salvador city. Over the past 15 years a high level of funding into the infrastructure of Salvador has taken place, the city now boasts excellent roads, a new modern metro system completed in 2018, linking the international airport to downtown Salvador. Salvador has attracted international investment with the construction of many high-rise buildings. With a shortage of development land vertical living, unfortunately, is contributing to high property costs and increases in population in the city. The interior of Salvador is where the "new city" has developed, full of residential neighbourhoods, shopping megaplexes, spectacular office blocks and knotted highways, all of which can be quite alienating without actually having a friend or colleague to show you around. Residents are considered some of the friendliest people on the planet. Tourist are welcomed with open and friendly arms by the majority of local residents. Getting around is easy with Metro, taxis or the UBER app which works great in the city. If you ever get stuck for words, just mention football and the conversation with the flow, don’t be surprised to see at 0600hrs football games and volleyball matches on the beach as the average Brazilian more than loves their sport, and its plain to see. Salvador's International Airport is one of Brazil's main airports. All of the biggest Brazilian airlines have flights to the Bahian capital city. Less than 30 minute from the airport to the ferry port so to getting to Salvador city is pretty simple. Salvador city has recently become a more popular stop for international cruise routes and in its summer months welcomes two cruise ship per day holding thousands of tourists at the brand new cruise terminal. You will see the tourists enjoying Salvador and helping the local business thrive

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