Civil Engineers

State & Municipal Authorities

This is the stage where the actual Building Permission (Alvará) is applied for. The Civil Engineers responsible for the execution of the Project submit to the Municipal Authority Minister of Building and Works the plans presented by the Architects together with the topographic survey; this stage can take three months or more. In parallel with this process Bay View Projetos Ltda. will apply to the following Authorities for additional required licences to verify lack of Environmental and Coastal impact: Municipal Environmental Minister – to conduct an Environmental Impact Study, State Environmental Department (IBAMA), If development land is seafront – (SPU) Superintendência do Patrimônio da União da Marinha


Whilst the Architects are preparing definitive plans for the execution of the construction process the Civil Engineers can start work on land clearance, land sculpturing, earth moving and infill. Immediately the Architects have prepared the definitive ‘working drawings’ the construction process can commence. Internal access roads and infrastructure are first marked then the foundations commence. We are often asked, “How long does construction take?” In reality, the answer to this question depends simply on the speed that sales are anticipated and the number of staff put to work on the construction. During the expedition of construction, the Bay View Projetos Project Director will make daily inspection visits to the construction site and report on progress backed up with a photographic record.

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    They trust us every single day

    James Hotwell

    It was completely reassuring to have such a Professional company assisting us with the purchase of our Hotel. We had previously worked in Thailand with BVP and now in 2018 in Brazil.

    CWE Malaysia
    Johan Visser

    Understanding the potential in Brazil we bought 3 plots of development land and although we have already resold one, we will enjoy the capitalisation that the bridge brings.

    Translated from Dutch
    William Sheeran

    We invested twice and the service has been exceptional, we was helped every step by BVP a special thanks to Edson and Michael.

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