Property Portfolio Itaparica Island Bahia

Purchase of distressed properties in residential locations.




We have identified several dwellings that can be reformed and placed into a rental program for 10 years, by legalising the properties with clear title deeds, these will be fully tenanted for the programme and offered to the tenant with a mortgage facility at a later date.

Distressed Properties



                                            Complete reforms take place immediately after purchase, properties are handed over to the management company within 9 months.



                                             Local tradespeople such as Jose and Luiz are very proud to be involved in the reforms, providing them with constant work




                                                                                                                View to Salvador city and ferryboat



“Less than 50% of Brazilians currently own a free title deed with their property, title deeds for millions of unregistered homes would provide residents with greater security and investors with more stability”. Reuters 2017


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