Itaparica – a beautiful island in Bahia with attractions on the beach and at sea.

Itaparica is the biggest Island in Brazil and the most famous island in Bahia. Situated in the Bay of Santos just 10kms from Salvador city, the historic capital of Bahia. It's one of those combo destinations: with history, beach, and quiet in one place. The island encompasses two cities: two districts on one side, the nostalgic and quiet town of Itaparica, with its colonial mansions and buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. On the other side, the city of Vera Cruz, where you can enjoy the best beaches with calm and warm waters and very few waves because of the protection of coral reef barriers, perfect for bathing and water sports. One of the most interesting tours of Itaparica takes you to the Pantanal of Bahia, a region of mangroves and freshwater sources, with a stop in another island with palm trees and white sand called Matarandiba. You can also take your chance on the benefits of a fountain of youth on the west coast of the city, from which mineral water springs. There is an inscription that says: "Hey! Water is thin. It turns old ladies into chicks." The quiet island turns into a tourist hotspot at weekends and holidays with thousands of city dwellers visiting the island for their second home and relaxation from the urban life. Thousands of residents from Salvador purchase second homes here and families grow up loving the island its sheltered waters and wonderful beaches. The Island or Ilha as know locally offers amazing beauty, yet logistically it is situated between Salvador city and the connection to the south of the Bahia state.

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