CRECI Registered Real Estate Agent & Lawyer

CRECI Registered Real Estate Agent & Lawyer

Under Brazilian law, it is strictly prohibited for any unqualified third party to sell a property. The CRECI College (Conselho Regional de Corretores de Imóveis) is the official body governing all aspects of real estate negotiations; this is comparative to the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents in the U.K. or API (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) in Spain. We at Bay View Projetos utilise the services of our in-house CRECI agent who has over 30 years of experience, is totally dependable and with a well-proven track record. This ensures that all fees are strictly charged as laid down by the official college. The CRECI agent verifies all registration details with regards to any Real Estate we may actively sell. It is to be noted that even though an Escritura (Title Deed) may exist and be demonstrated, in itself that is not proof of clear ownership; the Escritura has to be ‘Registered’ and it is this certificate (Certidao Negativo de Onus) from the Municipal land registry office that proves definitive ownership. Any member of the public seeking this essentially important document will most probably experience a waiting time of a month or more plus an exorbitant fee. Our CRECI agent has a long-standing professional relationship with these official offices and is, therefore, able to extract the document in days. In addition, Negative Certificates are required each registered owner plus their spouse if married and also another to ensure there are no employees claims against the property; each of these from separate authorities. Also our CRECI agent will verify any outstanding debts including Municipal (rates) and also obtain an A.O.P. Certificate relating to the property. This document provides and purchaser with outline building restrictions, without which any development land acquisition could be rendered worthless. Many foreigners, in particular, have fallen prey to purchasing land on which they are either definitively prohibited to build or are only able to build a far smaller project than they anticipated. Should there be any unforeseen major problem which may be considered to hamper a clear title acquisition, we appoint the services of our Company Lawyer who is O.A.B. registered.

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    They trust us every single day

    James Hotwell

    It was completely reassuring to have such a Professional company assisting us with the purchase of our Hotel. We had previously worked in Thailand with BVP and now in 2018 in Brazil.

    CWE Malaysia
    Johan Visser

    Understanding the potential in Brazil we bought 3 plots of development land and although we have already resold one, we will enjoy the capitalisation that the bridge brings.

    Translated from Dutch
    William Sheeran

    We invested twice and the service has been exceptional, we was helped every step by BVP a special thanks to Edson and Michael.

    Newcastle upon Tyne UK
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