Brazil is an amazing country but maybe misconstrued by many until they visit or understand more about the opportunities available. This is the worlds seventh largest economy that has come through many challenges especially after the worst recession in its history. With interest rates once soaring at over 19% we now have bank-rate of 6% and It is has been chosen to be the worlds best place for capital appreciation in real estate according to over 200 financial institutions in January 2018. This is a country with no wars, has no hurricanes, earthquakes or natural disasters and provides an excellent choice for foreign investment with many benefits for foreign investors. This after years of political corruption, bribes or lies with new compliance and legislation in place to ensure a safe political climate, confidence is growing. The young new Brazilian people are educated with fantastic futures, the Internet has opened the minds of the young and this country will change quick. They are well educated and intelligent the increasing middle class, which is formed of tens of millions of young entrepreneurs are forcing Brazil to become a major force on the world stage. Brazil has some of the worlds best beaches, exotic food and colorful culture which makes it a perfect destination for vacation, permanent living or investment. Brazil has a population of around 210 million and growing by 3% per year, it is the fifth biggest country in the world and sports a huge coastline. As compared to Europe its land mass is the same as 48 EU countries combined.


Bahia is home to the first capital city of Brazil, Salvador City, the state is located midway between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, is around the size of France with a spectacular coastline of 1,103 kilometers and boasts a year-round sub-tropical climate. The strong African influence in culture, cuisine and music make Bahia truly special – and it is closer to Europe than many folks think. Just over 7 hours from Lisbon with daily flights for as little as £450 return. The magnificent varied scenery, lush tropical jungle, and endless palm-fringed beaches abound. The lifestyle in Bahia is home to 12 million residents who live there. Healthy lifestyles and sport are essential here with Salvador boasting two football teams in the first division of Brazil with Bahia playing its home games at the Fonte Nova a modern purpose built stadium built for the 2014 World Cup finals.

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