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Certificate denomination from £15,000 and integral multiples of £1,000

Security Asset-backed. Investments into the fund accepted will not exceed more than 62% of securities offered against the fund assets giving investors a high level of assurance.

Interest payments Monthly, Quarterly or annually.

Interest 9% per annum

Redemption period 2 - 5 years Interest payments paid Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

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The Platinum Fund

Bay View Projetos is a global investment company with offices in high performing areas as London England and since 2014 Salvador City in Brazil to capitalise on the growth in the Brazilian economy within this cyclic upturn. The lessons learned and business models followed are a strategy we are not about to change. With more than 25 years’ experience, the owners of Bay View Projetos have developed, marketed and sold luxury properties around the world in new and exciting destinations and are successfully discovering the next real estate opportunity. We are on target to deliver a GDV of over $20,000.000 of committed luxury projects within the next 3 years with a further growth of 60% expected within the next decade. The Platinum Fund is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with the sole purpose of raising investment funds and applying it to international property opportunities. Traditionally, successful portfolios are those covering a diverse range of property related investments. The team of international property and finance professionals will explore opportunities across the residential and commercial sectors. Among the first opportunities are further purchases of undervalued assets including prime land purchases and luxury real estate development opportunities in Salvador City and the surrounding areas, where economists and reports from EY, and Bloomberg Markets are already predicting excellent and fast growth in the next 12-60 months.

What Our Clients Say

James Hotwell

It was completely reassuring to have such a Professional company assisting us with the purchase of our Hotel. We had previously worked in Thailand with BVP and now in 2018 in Brazil.

CWE Malaysia
Johan Visser

Understanding the potential in Brazil we bought 3 plots of development land and although we have already resold one, we will enjoy the capitalisation that the bridge brings.

Translated from Dutch
William Sheeran

We invested twice and the service has been exceptional, we were helped every step by BVP a special thanks to Edson and Michael.

Newcastle upon Tyne UK

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